Wine collecting can be a very enjoyable hobby, particularly when you are looking for the wine.  If you desire to collect wine though, you should know that it can also be a rather expensive hobby. Even if you only collect moderately priced wines, you could easily end up spending more than you intended. Those bottles add up.  But, collecting wine can be a great hobby and will give you something to discuss with others in your social group. And, it’s a great way to meet more people.  If you are just starting out, this advice may help.

The first thing you should do is ensure that you have a proper place to store the wine. Before you begin buying it, you should research storage options. You’ll find that the internet is full of wine cellars and racks ready to display and protect your investment. There are places that will professionally store your wine. Or you can do as many do and store your wine at home. If you choose the latter, you’ll need to have a location with the proper amount of space and the correct temperature. A temperature between 50 and 65 degrees F is ideal.  You’ll also want to decide what brands and types of wine you want to collect. Many people choose a variety, but others like to specialize. But keep in mind that some wine will store longer than others. So do your research and make wise selections.

To source your wine, you can go to wine stores, wineries, or a number of other places. Maybe participating in tastings and trade shows will work for you.  Here, you can meet others who are passionate about wine collecting and meet local traders. Sometimes, it’s all about networking.  You will want to learn as much as you can about wine.  The internet has many resources, or you can learn from magazines and newsletters dedicated to wine.  Read all you can about storage, purchasing and authenticating wine, and even proper service.

To better decide which wines are right for storage, you may want to try tasting different a bottle of the particular wine you want to store.  This way, you can identify if it is one that you need to age more.  You’ll learn more about wine this way as well, such as how to distinguish tastes.  You may also want to learn how to identify the flavor quality as well.  As you may already know, there is a difference among rare vintage wines and young wines.

If you are just beginning to collect wine, you should avoid large purchases until you know for sure what types of wine you wish to collect.  And when visiting a wine trader, you should let him know that you are a collector.  He will offer you wines with aging potential instead of ones that are ready to consume. And he can inform you whether or not the wines you are collecting are available in his inventory. If he doesn’t have what you are looking for, he may be able to point you in the right direction.

Keep in mind that wine collecting isn’t always about fun. It’s often an investment. You may want to stay up on the latest wine trends to be profitable. So, educate yourself. That is key. And always protect your investment.

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